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Cloud server vs Dedicated server

What is a Cloud server?

A cloud server is a sound communication device or server that is hosted and delivered through a cloud computing podium over the Internet. Cloud servers own and exhibit similar competence and performance to a regular server but are achieved from distance from a cloud service provider.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a physical computer running server based software that runs various services over a network. The most authentic use for a dedicated server is to run a web hosting environment where web pages are hosted for websites.


  • How rapidly can I have revenue online?

With cloud servers you can have resources online inside minutes but with dedicated servers this can take significantly longer, even weeks in some situations.


  • Can I upgrade the disk space, RAM, and Central Processing Unit?

The answer is affirmative for both cloud and dedicated.  The foremost dissimilarity here is that with cloud servers this can be achieved in just a few clicks or computerized using an API, however with dedicated servers this is a manual process and that would need a programmed preservation window.


  • Can I attain soaring accessibility quickly and cost effectively?

Affirmative for both choices. You can configure a HA environment rapidly with numerous cloud servers and a load balancer within minutes, whereas whilst you can demand a HA setting within a dedicated infrastructure, using manifold dedicated servers and a dedicated load balancer, this will take hours if not days to build.  The main dissimilarity here is that building a HA system in the cloud can cost up to 65% less.


  • Are there any tools for building auto- balancing, auto- machinery and auto managing?

Yes of course, in a cloud location these tools are voluntarily reachable threw the users driven open development API. Whilst devices are reachable in a dedicated environment you may have to wait for retailer driven progress.


  • Can I easily stream cost effective distribution of capital?

Breaking up your assets by function allows for easy scalability, management and resource segmentation and this economically achieved in the cloud.  However, divisioning in such way is very costly to attain with dedicated tools.

  • Is supervising existing and can I get technical assistance?

The answer to this is yes for both the alternatives.

  • Can I tackle stringent safety and acquiescence needs?

If this is a need then dedicated hardware might be the best option for your enterprise. Complete compliance with most policies can be accomplished in a dedicated system.


  • Can I supervise my servers on the go using a mobile device?

Yes indeed, both iOS and Android operating systems are attuned with cloud servers.  This is not the situation with dedicated tool and management is a labor-intensive procedure.