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Windows Server

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Windows Servers are those types of servers that are installed, operated and managed by any of the Windows Server family of operating systems.
Windows Server exhibits and provides the same potential, features and working mechanism of a standard server operating system and is based on the Windows NT design.


Windows servers are more prevailing versions of their desktop operating system equivalents and are designed to more efficiently handle corporate arrangement, Internet hosting,databases, enterprise-scale messaging and same functions.




· Nano Server


Nano is the ultimate result of Microsoft refactoring the core pieces of Windows Server to its minimally functional state. A Nano example utilizes not much more than 512MB of disk space and less than 256MB of memory.


Direct Windows Server added the ability to build a highly accessible storage cluster based on the same Storage Spaces technology and Microsoft clustering.


· ReFS as leading file system


Designed from the opening to be more resistant to distortion than its precursor, ReFS brings many returns to the NTFS on-disk arrangement.


· Deduplication


Storage is the foremost piece of spending in companies of all sizes and the storage market continues to grow at over 35 percent per year.

Deduplication removes the matching space by as much as 85 percent across operating system installations. The output will be 100s of gigabytes, even terabytes, of space restored.


· Diskless boot


Everything that can be moved out of a server, decreases the strength and cooling cost. In large complex systems, reducing the hard disk out of the server and booting across the system has not only saved cost but made the data centre more flexible.


· Storage spaces


Every business cannot provide expensive hardware Storage Area Networks (SAN). Rather than purchase third party tools or costly storage products, companies can now move into a large software pool and create a virtual SAN and begin to serve up virtual disks.


· Live migration


Virtual machines offer a immense way of making the finest of inadequate resources. As businesses look to trim down and create productivity in their IT system, the first step in the journey is to begin by organizing virtualization. Virtual machines provide a great way of making the best of narrow capital.


· Server supervision


Windows Server appears with the interface of Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The easiness, with which it is possible to use a tile as a control panel widget, means that companies can construct a very flexible management dashboard that replicates the real-time state of the data hub.


· Access Control


Rather than spend time fixing a leaky riddle, the emphasis for smart administrators is on better ways of shielding the data.

It is now possible to enforce access at the domain level and apply strategies to users roles or departments.